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BPESA operates as a specialist investment promotion agency for Business Process Outsourcing (including contact centres) and as the networking body for the industry.


  • provide information to and about the local industry;

  • co-ordinate training and skills development for the industry;

  • are a liaison point between industry members and local, provincial and national governments;

  • act as a networking body and trade association; and

  • provide investment facilitation.




Our focus is not just the future of a single individual, but the multiplier effect we can create in their entire community.

We believe that if you can prepare a young person to invest in their own future, you will inspire their entrepreneurial spirit and they will continue to build on their career and personal achievements which could potentially create thousands of jobs for others around them.

Education and market driven skills development are the keys to a better future for the entire African continent.




Harambee is an independent, not-for-profit social enterprise that works with individual businesses, government agencies, local and international donors, industry sector associations, youth-serving organisations, assessment specialists, behaviour change experts and technology providers. Through research and delivery, we contribute knowledge and insights nationally and globally about what is working to solve youth unemployment.


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rockefeller foundation

For more than 100 years, The Rockefeller Foundation has brought people together around the globe to try to solve the world’s most challenging problems and promote the well-being of humanity. Today, in a world capable of so much, it is unacceptable that there are still so many with so little.

That’s why the Rockefeller Foundation fights to secure the fundamentals of human well-being—health, food, energy, jobs—so they’re within reach for everyone, everywhere in the world. Our approach is grounded in what we’ve seen work over more than a century: It’s inspired by science, rigorous about data, brings together and empowers others, and is focused on real results that improve people’s lives.



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dept. of trade and industry

The DTI´s strategic objectives are to:

  • Facilitate transformation of the economy to promote industrial development, investment, competitiveness and employment creation;  

  • Build mutually beneficial regional and global relations to advance South Africa´s trade, industrial policy and economic development objectives; 

  • Facilitate broad-based economic participation through targeted interventions to achieve more inclusive growth; 

  • Create a fair regulatory environment that enables investment, trade and enterprise development in an equitable and socially responsible manner; and  

  • Promote a professional, ethical, dynamic, competitive and customer-focused working environment that ensures effective and efficient service delivery.


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Nelson mandela foundation

The Nelson Mandela Foundation are a non-profit organisation focused on dialogue and advocacy, and memory and legacy work, founded by Nelson Mandela in 1999.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation is the custodian of his life and times and is a committed facilitator of his living legacy. They are mandated to promote his lifelong vision of freedom and equality for all.

Their vision, like that of their founder Nelson Mandela and the movement he spearheaded, is to contribute to the making of a just society that remembers its past, listens to all voices, and pursues social justice for all.


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nelson mandela children’s fund

The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund strives to change the way society treats it’s children and youth. This long-term vision captures the central role society plays in shaping children’s lives.


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Reliable Education is a global eCommerce education company dedicated to helping people launch and grow their own successful business on Amazon. Reliable Education has differentiated itself within the online education space by setting realistic expectations with regards to the time and capital required to grow a profitable Amazon business.

When students are approved into the Reliable Education training program they join a global community of like-minded professionals. They also gain access to a professional training course that is not uncomfortable with discussing the hard realities or the true numbers around launching and growing a successful business.

Reliable Education currently trains Amazon sellers over 15 different countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, South Africa and Switzerland.