Better Access to Education


Education is a intrinsically tied to development and growth. Many do not have access to education due to the lack of financial resources and inequality.

The inaccessibility to education leads to increased rates of poverty in turn decreasing the chances of individual and nation to catalyse their ability excel. Such deficiencies directly impacts the social and economic development.

In Sub Saharan Africa, more than 60% of the youth, ages 15-17, are not in the schooling system.   It also remains the most affected area as enrolment rates  at a primary school level are steadily increasing but exclusion at secondary level is still vast. 

Odds are often further stacked against females in the attempt of accessing education. This may be due to cultural reasons, such as traditional notions of roles of males and females, or due to health and financial reasonings. 

By providing fair access to education, the youth is empowered with knowledge which may in turn allow for positive evolution of society.