Harnessing growth for the long term.

The Mandela Legacy Foundation is committed to job creation. 

Our immediate focus is to create a future for Africa’s youth (18-34) by providing guidance, hope, opportunity and most importantly of all, employment.There are over 100,000 more young people unemployed in South Africa compared to a year ago, and the unemployment rate - at 47.5% - has increased by over a percentage point year-on-year. 


As a result, South Africa now has the highest number of young, unemployed people ever recorded - a staggering 5.5 million.

Our immediate goal is to create 250,000 jobs. And to impact the lives of one million people across South Africa. The only industry capable of generating enough jobs to address the problem - in the shortest possible time - is the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector. 

Although the majority of roles in the BPO sector are Contact Centre Agents, the career opportunities in Operations, HR/Training, Sales & Marketing, Workforce Management, Finance, Technical/IT, Administration and Facilities Management are endless.

As such, we are directing much of our resources to promoting and facilitating job creation in the African BPO industry by raising awareness internationally of Africa’s BPO capabilities and persuading more international companies to choose South Africa for their BPO requirements. Last year, we created over 10,000 jobs (with 3,000 jobs in the last quarter of 2018 alone) and are well on the way to reaching our target of 15,000 jobs in 2019. 

Our focus is not just the future of a single individual, but the multiplier effect we can create in their entire community.We believe that if you can prepare a young person to invest in their own future, you will inspire their entrepreneurial spirit and they will continue to build on their career and personal achievements - which could potentially create thousands of jobs for others around them.

Education and market driven skills development are the keys to a better future for the entire African continent. As such, we have partnered with companies such as CareerBox to recruit, train and place youth in paid employment. Although we are incredibly proud of the difference we have already made in so many lives - we need to do more